Does the uber attacker deserve all the hate? or should get another chance?

This girl who's trying to be a surgeon got her life ruined after she exposed herself on the internet attack an uber driver. She got a ton of hate, she got fired from her job and it'll probably end her career. She made an apology video but people aren't buying it and everyone just wants her to crumble and suffer.

I personally think she deserves another chance. We all deserve second chances. What do you think.


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  • She made excuses,

    she acted like an animal, and now she's trying to blame it on being dumped and her father being sick?

    don't be a beta cuck.

    she's trying to save face - honestly, you can definitely see why she was dumped and mostlikely why her father was sick in the first place.

    Dealing with her bullshit probably made everyone have PTSD.

    Just because you're a girl and pretty doesn't mean you should get 2nd 3rd 4th chances.

    take off your white knight pants and imagine if this was a guy.

    would he be getting this many chances? would he be getting a national apology on TV? No. He would've probably been knocked the fuck out , it would have been on TMZ Viral and everyone would be laughing about how stupid he looks/ how immature he was.

    End rant.

    • This has nothing to do with her gender, you're putting your own views on me. I believe EVERYONE deserves a second chance.

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