Is she still into me?

> Met her on tinder like while ago 6-7 months back maybe
> We met many times and hooked up once but she assumed by herself that we were in relationship and later found out about some other chick that I went out with. Last time we met was in August maybe
> Started fight for no reason and broke it off with me altho I still had her on some social media apps and she never blocked me on there or deleted me
> She took a handband from me, she wasn't really that into it. It was just a live strong band but she said she thought it was cool lol
> I am still following her on ig and she never unfollowed or blocked me too but never liked or commented on my pics
> I noticed Her 2-3 latest pics are of her eating out and random selfies today all with that band on her hand, She wasn't even wearing it any of her other pics. Only just todays pics
> One of them had hashtag on it #douchebroband followed by hashtag #stupid?

Does that mean she's still into me or stalk me on ig and stuff sometimes? And never really got over it but just desided to get on with it?

Would you wear something that some guy gave you that you later had fight with?


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  • @Polocrew- How many of these "I met her on tinder" posts of yours have I seen? :P

    Why waste your time on a woman you met on tinder a while back? Sounds like it may be time for you to find a new tinder woman.

    • Hey, Don't hate the game. I was talking about if she still in me sexually

    • I don't play it, no reason to hate. ;)

      She's more than likely into you sexually, even if she won't admit it, because otherwise she'd have removed you from her life in all ways.
      She wants you to see the bracelet and reach out to her, sort of testing to see if you still notice her.

    • She sounds like pussyass lol but yea that's what I thought

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  • I think she's getting back at you.

  • She might be still into you. She is still following, hasn't blocked you, and she still has that band, those are all positive signs. That #douchebroband and #stupid were because she was mad and because she is over you.
    Depending on how bad my fight was with a guy, I may or my not wear something he gave me.

    • Yea but maybe she never cared to unfollow or block or shit, I never did

  • Someone is Missing the Kissing and a bit of His and Her History You Both shared And... Still cares.
    Give her a call and all and find Out if she wants To... Go out.
    Standing Ovation, I believe she is Still... Into me. Both of you have Not Moved on from where I am sitting.
    Good luck. xx

    • I don't even have her number now and she's too pussy to ask so and lol I didn't even noticed her till she started wearing mybband in pics

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    • Yea She liked my pics when I liked her one pic so pretty sure she was missing me and put up that band wishing that I'd see lol

    • lol... Clue for You. xxooo

  • She took a handband from you and here are 2 reasons:
    1. She wanted to have something that belonged to you just to feel bond between you and remember you.
    2. She wanted handband to prove her girl friends that you really like her and even gave your handband to her
    She didn't unfollow or block you because she still hopes that you like her.
    Some girls call guys names such as stupid, idiot and etc. not because they really mean it just they want to tease you and challenge you.
    That is something similar to the boy who pulls hair little girl to tease her but actually he likes her.
    Her latest pics where she wears your band means "Text me, i still remember you, stupid, why don't you text me, don't you like me anymore?" xD She tries hard to catch your attention.
    So yes Ty she is still into you. Act!

    • But that's just psyfhoish

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    • I liked her pic with that hashtag #douchebroband and she liked two of my pics more and then I spammed her too and she spammed bak but I don't have her number now and neither gonna ask for it.

    • That's your choice. But she definitely likes you

  • I don't think so and I mean maybe if u did something to get her back then maybe but otherwise I don't think so sorry


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