Fun movies to play drinking games to? preferably a comedy or something?

my boyfriend and i played a drinking game to the 40 year old virgin when he found out i had never seen it before. i want to pick another movie and do that again, so probably a comedy similar to 40 year old virgin. any suggestions?


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  • If you really want to do some serious drinking, watch any R rated Samuel L. Jackson movie and drink when he says "fuck." Something like Jackie Brown or Pulp Fiction.


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  • Step Brothers!

    from a site:
    Anytime someone says Catalina Wine Mixer
    Anyone says Doback
    Anytime Derek is a jerk
    Anytime anyone is physically injured
    Anytime Dr. Rober Doback gets angry
    Anytime Alice flirts with Dale
    IF YOU REALLY WANT TO GET WASTED-- anytime you think Will Ferrel and John C. Riley are ad libbing


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