Can I get on my own phone plan/contract even if I'm under 18?

I have my own job, I can pay every month. I'm at Boost Moblie right now, my phone is under my moms name at Boost and it's no contract or anything, I just pay every month at Boost.
However, I want to switch to an IPhone at Verizon. How would I do that? Would I be able to just go to verizon myself tomorrow and buy the phone and the plan right then and there? Or would I need my mom to do it?
If my mom would need to go to Verizon with me tomorrow, would we have to cancel anything at Boost? Or can we just both go straight to Verizon?


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  • As far as I know, there is no age restriction on a contract. Why go Iphone tho? Android is way better lol


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