Should love be enough to plan your life around someone?

I've been in a relationship with someone for little over a year. We always talk about getting married and starting a family. I love him dearly. The only thing that gets me to questioning what I really want in life is... his family. Have you ever heard of the term "ratchet"? Well, it describes his family perfectly. He has baby momma drama, and his children, well let'sjust say that would rather not be around them. Im honestly not sure if all the love in the world is worth it if I dont mesh well with his family. I try so hard to be respectful to people but when I am constantly being disrespected, I turn into a completely different person. Sometimes I wonder if it's worth it.

And I guess that's my question, should love be enough to plan your life with someone?


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  • No, love is certainly not enough. You need to take all practical matters into consideration as well.

    In your case, it may be possible to work around the issues, but it's gonna be tough. REAL tough.


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  • Keep you distance from them, I mean it's not like you gonna spend much time around his fam. The holidays will suck though but I figured most people hate the holidays for that reason. Think about all the time you'll spend with him compare to his fam. That should be a ratio of like 100:1

    • But then again, what about his children? i don't trust being around them because their mothers try to find anything to fight about. I wouldn't be surprised if the children came over and lied saying i said something or did something to them. The kids are just as conniving And I dont blame them though. i blame their mothers for teaching their kids to be that way. I guess what im trying to say is most likely ill have to be around the kids also because of him.

    • He doesn't have custody? If not then that might be the straw..

    • He doesn't have custody.

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