Is 15 days a long time?

I have been travelling South America for nearly 3 months. Have absolutely loved it. Albeit taking the rough with the smooth. It started off so well , had unbelievable fun and met some great people. Now I have 2 weeks left and I am in Brazil. For some reason I have grown tired of living out of my back pack and I have lost the energy I started with to go out and socialise. I just want to go home now. I have 15 days left until my flight home. I am in Sao Paolo and all the street parties are doing my head in. Luckily I am off to Rio In a couple of days for the carnival and I am meeting a few friends which should be a lot of fun. But once it ends I have 5 days to just doss around. I can't go to far out of Rio as my flight leaves in Rio. 15 days left... How long will it feel? I miss my dogs and cats and need to go home to start making money ASAP!!!


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  • It depends, I guess.

    My dad once took 90 days off work to go from South Africa to Egypt. On his way he decided to climb mt. Kilimanjaro so, without telling anyone back home, he just went ahead and did it. He showed up back home 180 days later. Lived out of his backpack the entire time.

    Maybe don't go to all the parties?


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  • For some it will be a long time, for some it won't be
    It'll feel as long as you make it feel

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