Do you ever dream about a person you briefly met a year ago?

I met a guy last summer, we had chem together. We didn't sit next to each other in the beginning but since we were both in the back we would always talk & pass things to each other when we didn't want to walk up to the front to give back leftovers. We then started asking each other for help & one day he just sat next to me. In lab we weren't partners but we sat next to each other & basically worked together. After class sometimes we would go study in the library. & sometimes we'd wait together in between lecture and lab but most of the time he sat by himself looking at something in his bag. I always thought it was maybe his phone but he never ever pulled it out & said he didn't have a phone. He always used email. Well the next semester I took the next chem. I was expecting to see some of the people from the summer since there were only two chem teachers in the fall. I didn't see anyone i recognized. When i was waiting for Lab he showed up & we talked about what we did during the month we had off & sat next to each other in lab. Then after a few days he stopped showing up or maybe he was sick I don't know I stopped going to my classes bc i had to work more to pay rent. He was always really quiet and mysterious. He never said too much about anything but when he did i was super attentive. All i knew was that he wanted to open up his own bike shop and was studying to be an engineer and was going to some UC but it got too expensive & was far from home. & he played music for a couple years to make money. He was 27 or 28. Well i haven't heard from him since like September but for some reason i keep dreaming him. I don't know if its because I'm going back to school and i start tomorrow and might see him? I highly doubt it though. It just bugs me how he's always in my dreams


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