Religion questions, first person to answer correctly and thoroughly wins MHO?

Answer as many as you can correctly and you could win MHO

What is Arabias special status in islam?

What muslims believe lead to sin

The night of power and excellence

Life of malcom x

5 pillars of islam

Concept of dreaming to aboriginals

Hebrew bible information

Rituals of the plauns indians

Rituals of judaism

Jewush rite of passage

Aboriginal initiation ritual

Persecution of the jews

Significance of covanant for the jewish people

What is the hustory of the jews

What are important events in jewish history

How did oscar schindler help jewish people

6 basic elements of religious traditiion

Difference between faith and belief

The primary religious questions


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  • 1) Birthplace of the prophet and the presence of first 2 holy cities- Mecca (makkah) and medina

    2) anything that's against the teaching of the qur'an



    5) haj, jumma, namaz, etc etc


    7) called the old testament- more conservative than the new testament. it consists the 10 commandments and the early parts of christianity- very similar to the torah

    8) the fuck is plauns indians?

    9) shabbath, lamb eating at hanukkah, etc etc

    10) emmm... circumcision?

    11) I don't know lol

    12) first by egyptians, then by romans, then by byzantines and currently by arabs

    13) I don't know.. more important for christianity i guess (the ark of the covenant, right?)

    14) jews originated from a city called 'Ur' in present day Iran (or Iraq?).. setlled in Galilee, then faced the babylonian exile.. then the egyptian slavery etc etc. Spread throughout Europe, asia and north africa- united after holocaust to form israel.

    15) roman conquest, babylonian exile, egyptian slavery, birth of moses, splitting of the red sea, abraham's sacrifice and finally the birth of jesus

    16) saved them from the holocaust by keeping them as workers in his factory

    17) I don't know

    18) I don't know lol.

    • Thank you for helping! I'm happy every answer wasn't a lecture to do my own work (isn't even mandatory to do I just want to do it to get a better understanding for the exam.) I thank you soooo so much this helps a lot

    • you're always welcome. Here to help :)

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  • Those are very specific questions lol, none of which have to do with my faith.

    Well I can answer is this one if you are referring to the WWII Jew persecution, Persecution of the Jews.

    Hitler persecuted the Jews because he hated them, he saw them as less then human, I mean he thought about that the gypsies (my people) and blacks and really anyone not of the Aryan race but he specifically had it out for the Jews and took every opportunity to kill, torture and maim them, from horrific and inhuman, human experiments to gasping them, burning them alive, starving them in those horrible death camps, what he did to them no race should have ever have to experience.

    Now one of the reasons was that he used them as a scapegoat and built on the already current hatred of them to build an army and start WWII and as I said above the fact that he thought the Aryan race was the strongest and that he and the other Nazi's viewed the Jews as not even human, though I think his personal hatred of them goes deeper then that.

    • Thank you for the help, I really appreciate not getting a lecture. This helps me get a better understanding of it

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    • Thank you for saying it nicely its much appreciated

    • No worries

  • The answer is in the pancakes.

    By the way, get your fucking ass in gear and use Google. Don't make the excuse that a teacher isn't making you learn. Yeah, he's bad, but you have to take matters into your own hands, because people who take control of their own future see the most success.

    • For your information I have been, this is less than half the work I had to do and I finished it on my own, paragraph form. Plus I'm not going to need this class for my future career anyways. And I am the only one who completed the assignment (I've asked everyone about the work.) I just thought the more help I could get the better considering I have more than just this one assignment to do. Dont assume I'm lazy or manipulative or that I dont get my work done if you dont know any of the details 😊 I didn't ask for a lecture I asked for answers

    • But, you ARE being lazy and manipulative. That's this question in a nutshell.

      That's an answer.

    • Asking for help isn't being lazy and manipulative. I dont even have to do this work, if I was lazy I wouldn't be doing it. I want to do it for a better understanding. If I ask people for answers that they may happen to know, it just makes everything more efficient. Its harder to research it all then you think, I tried for hours before I resorted to here. So its not lazy or manipulative, its just efficiency.


  • Some wants us to do their homework.

    • More like my teacher hasn't taught me anything this whole year so I have to resort to the internet to teach me. It sucks, he's never brought up any of this he just sits at his desk playing games of his computer, literally.

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    • @bubbletrouble That one was a reach. I thought you were a radical femenazi. I agree that women are usually better teachers.

    • Thank you. And I believe that men make better soldiers and are better at manual labor.

  • Don't give a damn about Islam
    there's so many issues with the book and science
    they don't match


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  • There is no special status for Arabia's in Islam as far as I know.

    I don't know, it's different for each Muslims I guess. For me, music, bad company, etc.

    • Thank you for your answer! I really appreciate it

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