Why do you Think Stealing is more Common in Non Asian Countries. especially the West?

It feels as though although the west used to have more of this now Asian mindset. we slowly changed.

I've lived in Asia for 2 years and now recognise that in general. .. Asians function as a collective. not an individual. Restaurants and eating are based around community. It's expected that in working. Everyone works together etc. So. .. something like Stealing harms the community

In the west, we have a heavy emphasis on individual rights, individual liberties etc. all about the individual. so stealing helps the individual but not community


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  • Because you don't lose your fingers if you steal in the west, or your hand...

  • The countries in the west have the individual rights that make it seem like they are entitled to anything and everything but in Asian countries there is the exact opposite, you have to work for anything.