Do you think single-parenthood lead to break down of social cohesion?

Their kids are more likely to be criminals or not ecomoically productive due to lack of moral upbringing and positive influences when they were growing up.


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  • Stats please! Those are some mighty claims you are making...

    I believe that it can contribute negatively to the kids depending on how the split is handled. Kids who are raised in an environment where they are used as pawns in a constant battle between the parents are going to have issues, same with kids who have a parent walk out on them, or kids who witnessed abuse before or after the split. But kids whose parents decided they weren't right for each other and participated as partners in a joint custody relationship or single custody with frequent and respectful visits are probably gonna be just fine.

    • "As supported by the data below, children from fatherless homes are more likely to be poor, become involved in drug and alcohol abuse, drop out of school, and suffer from health and emotional problems. Boys are more likely to become involved in crime, and girls are more likely to become pregnant as teens."

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    • there's more to that the key part here is that the child is brought up disadvantage from the lack of a parent and when you have less extended family support from grandparents there is little help for the single parent the fight gets too much for them

    • I would have thought given the coverage on this in the news that it is common knowledge by this point that a healthy two parent family is better than one parent/single mom. A very quick google gave many results, here are the first two.

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  • I don't see how "moral upbringing" could be a problem. Why should a single-mom be less capable of doing a good job raising her children than two people? There are many single-moms out there who do an amazing job and there are many parents who raise their children together and do a lousy job.
    However, I do think poverty is a big problem for children of single-parents. But that is also partially a systemic problem that could be combatted by the politics and society. For example society should admire and compliment single-parents for their efforts rather than stigmatize them. Employers shouldn't refuse jobs to single-moms just because they're single-moms. And of course we should get rid of the crazy discrimination that a single-mom earns less money for the same job than her male coworkers. On the political level, the government could alleviate the danger of poverty of single-moms and their children by giving them financial benefits to be used specially for the upbringing of the children.

    • when you factor in thongs like single mums hitting their kids because they brake down when mounted with huge stress from being over worked and running he households.
      this is one example

    • See but that is what I was talking about above. I don't think single mothers (or single fathers) hit their children more than couples do. I think this is something one first would have to prove with a representative research. Of course single parents experience more stress but the question is really: how do you deal with stress? Even though couples might experience a little less stress, raising kids can generally be stressful. Yet, the vast majority of parents (both single parents and couples) DON'T hit their children. Also, I think the idea of single-parents hitting their children might be a social problem rather than one that is related to single-parenthood. Because working class people who have grown up with different notions towards physical violence than middle or upper class people are more likely to become single moms, it's possible that they hit their children more. But like I said... this is something one would have to prove first.

    • I see your point I had that in mind before, but my case is there is enough research to prove that single parent children are disadvantage and as a consequence project that into wider society as in anti social behaviour and such.
      Even though objectively looming at it its not their fault for being raised in such conditions.

  • Yes, I think this is a huge problem. In the US the single mom phenomenon is making its way out of the hood and into the middle class.

    Women are then left raising the kids alone and are in poverty a lot of the time. The grandparents of the woman have to pick up the slack from the loser father which hurts them too. The child gets hurt the most.

    • that is why in nearly every society through out history there has been regulations to procreation to curb on children born to an environment where they hamper societies growth.

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    • yes true if you look at the long term consequences you could say that its akin to a civilizations suicide if you let this spiral out of control

    • The children of the single mom should fail in comparision and therefore be a deterent to women to go down that path but the government will step in and subsidize them finacially but not completely and not on the emotional side of having afather influence and a nuclear family dynamic. Darwins Law for human society will be impeded and fray a child rearing model that has been highly successful for our species.