Is there anybody who is a medium, or attempts communication with the Spirit world?

I am taking a risk by not making this question anonymously. I have just been experiencing very strange and frankly, scary ass shit the last few months in my house... only my house. If there is anyone who I could share similar experiences with, I would love to know.


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  • What's been going on?

    • Are you really curious?

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    • For months i heard 5 bangs on my wall (coming from outside). I thought nothing of it. One specific night, i felt something me watching through my window. So i made a joke by saying "come get me" ... Thinking it was only a joke. The very next night, i watched it on my security camera bending my dog in half by the spine. My camera did dont record what i saw because my camera does not record. It simply is a watch camera. Evil is darkness. Not a physical form.

    • That... Isn't good at all. How long have you lived where you do?

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    • Honestly, in my opinion, I do not believe in "psyhics" either. But my mom has used a Ouija board back when she lived in a supposed huanted house. It burned down and we built a new one on top of its foundation. I was stupid and invited a demon into our new home a few months ago... as a "joke"... But now there is nothing funny about it.

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  • could it be that it was all ready there and you gave it the power to be seen?

    • there are some people who are more sensitive to them could you be? could it be thats the reason its drawn to you?

  • I have a hard time swallowing bullshit down my throat.