What are your three weaknesses?

Mine are: (And in no particular order)

1. The homeless. I legit cry when I see them on the streets, or when they come into the establishment I work (At a restaurant).

2. Animals. I just couldn't imagine someone hurting one. I love being around them, they're so innocent and care free.

3. Elderly in love. I could just gush all day about them lol, I always ask how they met and how long has it been. It's always an amazingly beautiful way they fell in love! (Even if it starts with him writing her a letter but her father reading it... 😂)


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  • 1. Being tickled (tell no one)

    2. Seeing kids get bullied (mama bear makes me wanna defend)

    3. Food (self explanatory)

    • I agree to all thee above😆

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  • Recklessness - I often hurt myself trying to do stuff/help others
    Pure/deep emotions - Watching people's sorrow/pain, is what hurts me the most.

    The two above covers pretty much everything
    so I'm not sure what to put as a third.. ^.~

  • 1. Pizza specially the stuffed crust one. 🍕 😍

    2. Exercise so anyone that invites me to play sports I usually would say yes unless I have no time.💪

    3. Traveling if because I get to learn more about different cultures. ✈


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  • - old homeless people

    - abused animals

    - food

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