Girls, Do You think I'm pregnant?

Ok so I had my period on the first week of the month. I then had the flu and i was nauseous, back, head and body ache, was weak, sore throat and everything. I felt terrible.. And the day i came off which was 6 days later, i had unprotected sex with my boyfriend. And the flu went away the next following week. But I continue to be nauseous, and i now have lower back pain, sore breast, bloated, cramps in low stomach and on the side a little, mood swings I cannot hold my tongue nomore, i've been really tired and pee more than usual. I came on my period 3 weeks later which is early for me. I was expecting it to be the next following week. But it's much worst than my first period of the month. But it lasted for about 3 days and stopped. But i feel really weird my stomach doesn't feel right at all. Never felt this way.. I'm thinking PMS but then again.. Am I Pregnant?

But i came early, my period is not irregular.. Never has been irregular
And my period last more than 6 days. This lasted about 3 days


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  • If you had a period then you can't be pregnant.

    • Although it could have been implantation bleeding. I doubt it if it was heavier than your period.

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    • Why did I come on so early? Why all these symptoms?

    • Honestly it may be menstrual symptoms that you just haven't experienced before. Also you can be having phantom symptoms which are you think about the fact that you might be pregnant so much that you start thinking you have symptoms. My OBGYN said this is a real thing.

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  • If you had a period at all, you're not pregnant.
    I don't know go see a doctor if you're really worried

  • no i dont belive your pregnant

  • Take a test..