How scared would you be if you blacked out, than woke up on a serving platter surrounded by strange creatures with forks and knives in their hands?

  • 0 That's it, just try and eat me, I'm going straight to your thighs
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Question idea came from Simpsons: The man who came to be dinner


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  • well i think the logical response would to be shit your pants, and hopefully they would be off put by it. unless they are the monsters from the book i have been reading, they think it adds to the flavor


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  • I'd be thinking "mama always said this was the way I was going to die"

  • Maybe they want an orgy? As long as my boyfriend was involved, I would be down for the swirl.

    • Oh their is no orgy, their hungry and you just happen to be a delicacy.

    • I would hope this psychological trauma would unleash my hidden mutant powers.

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