What to do to get better grades?

I keep telling myself to study, but I either end up wrapped in a blanket watching Netflix or googling obscure historical figures.


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  • Well that is one issue, because to learn you'll have to study in some way or other. ^.^
    You could try making, like, a schedual of sorts, see if you can keep it
    that's one way that I know some does it.

    Did you know, that just how we exercise our bodies to become fit
    we can also exercise our brain, so that it does better under stress? ^.^

    • I know, but I just can't stop procastrinating.

    • As I said, try to like make a schedual for your day.

      You could also make a note, or something and put it on your laptop
      or whatever you're using for netflix, telling you not to do it.. ^.~

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  • Your addicted... thats basically an addiction since you can't stop and its getting in the way of succeeding.

    'You are your worst enemy' and it couldn't be more true here. You know what do! I know you already know what to do :)

  • Study harder lol


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