Do you think she had oral sex with him?

A guy I know claimed he had oral sex with a girl i know. They worked on a lab together with a few other people but that was in class. I don't know if they went to each other's houses. But they never talk so I don't know if that's believable and plus she doesn't seem like the type to do that likes she's quiet and doesn't hang out with his crew. I have seen them look at each other but he looks at her more.

After people heard, one of the guys she talks to a little more in class switched to a different class. I'm pretty sure they weren't dating but they might've been friends. It was very timely so maybe he was upset that she had sex with another guy? I don't know though and I don't know if he likes her. But it's 4 weeks into classes so it's kinda late to switch to another class. What would be your guess?

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  • Wild conjecture all around. I don't think you can know for certain unless you actually ask her.

    Also, why do you care?


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