How can I find out whether or not an image was copyrighted to use for a logo?

I have a dragon design i slightly modified (coloured in to be fully black and changed colour) i found on Google images.

I it's the perfect design but i can't use if it's copyrighted i think


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  • If you only slightly modified it and it was not a substantially original design, it's probably best to presume it is copyrighted. In the US, a work is copyrighted once it is produced. It need not be registered, although that does help in a copyright infringement claim.

    • It's a dragon in red. It contains whiskers making it look Chinese with patterns in white all over its face and body. It has white outlined scales on its back.

      I made the whole colour black with coloured in scales black and no patterns. Just the same outline really

    • And that could be a problem, unless you can freehand (or otherwise) originally create that outline. It's not a lot different than taking the music of a song and just changing the words and claim it to be your song. If you know the source of the original image and you want to keep using the one you did, in the long run it'd be best to contact the person who published it, ask if they created it and if so, ask for limited usage rights of the original outline for use in a modified design. Your use of the word "colour" implies that you are not in the United States, so check you own country's statutes and case law regarding such matters. All of my experience in this area is from United States cases.

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