What can you see (Difficulty - Hard)?

Blind a couple of times, rest your eyes and get ready because these aren't that easy, but also not that hard.
good luck.

Picture one

What can you see (Difficulty - Hard)?
What do you see?

Picture 2

What do you see?

(This ones pretty hard so ill give you some advice.
zoom out (50 percent recommended) to get a better look. and the only way you will see it is if you look out of the corner of your eyes)

Picture 3

What word is in this picture

picture 4

Who do you see?

blur your vission...
who else do you see?

Last one

Favorite one
. What words do you see

Ps don't read in the comments until you're done, because someone would have spoiled what it was


Most Helpful Girl

  • 1) looks like a Japanese guy standing praying with a child in front of him praying too

    2) A panda

    3) Page 5

    4) Marilyn Monroe (it took me ages to see her though) lol

    5) says "No sex causes bad eyes"

    • nailed it

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    • hahah it took me ages to see no 4. I nearly left that one out. lol In the first one, i initially only saw the Chinese guy. I thought he was holding a sword up to his chin, then when i squinted a little harder i saw the child in front to him lol

      Great question and fun :)

    • I first saw the child i thought the man or woman behind him was a house at first

      and thank you. :)

Most Helpful Guy

  • First one looks like an Asian/oriental woman and a child the second one is a panda, the third one says page 5. I think I also see Marilyn Monroe and the last one says no sex causes bad eyes


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  • Mother and child praying/Owl
    Page 5
    Einstein / Marilyn Monroe
    No sex cause's bad eye's

  • 1. Budhas praying (theres a bigger man and a smaller man)
    2. panda (didn't even need to zoom back or anything)
    3. Marilyn Monroe
    4. No Sex Causes Bad Eyes

  • 1. an old turtle
    2. maybe a face, maybe 2 people holding with one hand... I can only see something when scrolling
    3. Page 5
    4. Einstein and the shade of someone else
    5. No sex causes bad eyes


  • These were all extremely easy. Was this a prank?


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