Girls, why am I being stared at?

So I just entered college, and it's only been a month. But I've noticed things that've never happened before. I'm walking down the hallway when I see a few girls laughing or talking together. When one of them notices me, they go COMPLETELY straightfaced and just stare for a couple of seconds. And, when I'm working on something, I look over and BAM another girl is staring at me.
I just don't get it! What am I doing now that I wasn't doing before? And why are they staring at me?


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  • Either your hella attractive or hella weird looking. Can't tell. What were you wearing., has this ever happened before?

    • Well actually I just finished buying clothes for myself. They all actually look pretty good. I wear a pea-coat and scarf along with jean a shirt and jean jacket.

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