Why do losers judge other people so harshly?

This lady at school who was horrible to me, (top business program), smirking at me, talking to me like I was an idiot.

She completed a 3-year degree in psychology, (not even a 4-year degree). Who the fuck is she to even HAVE an opinion in any of this?

Also, she's a full grown adult who made shit choices when she was young, you would think she would be more understanding instead of the other way around


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  • In the UK Psychology degrees are 3-year degrees, so I don't quite understand the where the insult is.

    If she's at the same school as you, doesn't that put you in the same position as her?

    Plus if she's already got a degree, I wouldn't exactly call it a "shit choice" she made when she was younger.

    Regardless, she's probably just embarrassed that she's in school with people far younger than herself and doesn't know how to deal with it.

    • No she's not a peer, she's working in the admissions department. In Canada, the 3 year degrees are easier to attain than the 4 year degrees.

    • Then being successful and forgetting all about her is the best revenge.

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  • Some people like to try to bring others down to build themselves up. I just ignore it, she doesn't sound worth your time.


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  • They do that because they feel insecure and making other people feel bad about themselves makes them feel better... misery loves company.

    • Yeah. No sense of professionalism at all. She works in the admissions department, and at a point when I dropped by I heard her bitching about a student.

      I was like... what kind of a person is this

  • i think you need a snickers


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