Is it bad I don't mind being paid for... "affection " ?

I just started this new part time job for a company that essentially provides stewardesses for private planes. I work mostly weekends and holidays to get some extra cash for college. And it pays well, mostly because poeple tip extremely well. Sometimes I make over a grand per flight just in tips.

The thing is more often than not it comes at price. Sometimes you have families and really nice and interesting people. But there are also a lot of douchebags, though I guess who am I to call them douchebags, I don't mind it too much.
Point is a lot of the guys get kinda "handsy". It's not like I get paid for sex, but no doubt people tip more if you let them hug you, flirt or touch your butt without making a secne, which is what I would normally do. It was very awkward at first, I was very uncomfortable with it but now I don't feel it's so bad.
It IS good money and I need it. And secondly, when I take the subway that kind of stuff and worse happpens as well and I get nothing in return. So is it that bad really?

I know it sounds wrong, I wasn't raised that way. My parents are both hard workers, never made easy money, so at first I was a bit uncomfortable with that alone. But why? easy money is not a bad thing, right?


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  • I don't think there's any honest work that makes easy money, unless you're the boss of that company, but even so, you still be stressing because of the competition or other reasons. Your part-time makes more money than a part-time flipping burgers or waiting... so I don't blame you for taking the easier route. This goes for those in the red light districts that takes off their clothing and start dancing on a pole, those happy ending massage parlors, enter the adult industry, escort services, or prostitution. Somewhere down the road you're on, there will be a guy who will offer a large sum of money fanned in front of you, if you do some sexual favors. What will you do then?

    Some of these women do these things to scrape by to survive. You're very fortunate because you still have two hardworking parents that will always be there for you when you are in a bind.

    Respect your body and yourself. You'll breath easier once you complete college without putting yourself in these degrading situation.

    • I wouldn't take it. I'm sure. See it would be my first and that's just too much I think.

      And it's not like there is an opportunity, there are other people around. I'm never alone with anyone

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    • I know most people wouldn't but a lot of those guys are douche-bags and money does come with entitlement apparently. They're kinda used to money being able to buy them anything they want.
      And that's the thing, they DO pay for it

      I think it's a little different for men in general. Women mostly don't just touch random guys inappropriately but I know a few real Stewardesses who got touched on commercial flights as well. And it happens to most women everyday without getting anything in return. So you can't exactly compare your experience and expectations to this

    • Thanks! =)

      Still doing the same line of work?

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  • I don't see anything wrong with it.


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  • Me thinks that you've made too strong a connection between affection & the money, although I'm sure if you charted enough test flights with & without affection the money would flow better with the latter.

    Subway - yikes
    but leads us to other venues to consider
    > dance classes, socials & fundraisers harbor people that are ALL huggers, some elite practice cheek kissing as a greeting (ala France or Serbia?)
    > today's colleges harbor huggers like never before, even unto just acquaintances
    > college & beyond co-ed sports teams have many huggers
    > social bars of course have libidos liberated by alcohol that frees up covert affections and even gets handsy... even though nothing further is contemplated

    Sorry but I can't make the leap to gentle's clubs, stripping and lap dancers. I do have stories of International Fist Class flight grade stewardesses in the day that would allow pro football players get Intimately handsy while sitting on their laps kissing them. Your brief is nothing like anything in this paragraph.

    Do we "tip" or tithe those that bring affection & comfort to us on Sunday & other special events? Do not all mammals crave affection & hugs?

    Maybe you should consider what's going on your calling & ministry, your special gift others can't give to insure others have a happy day, a special day. Sometimes all we have in passing to show gratitude is money, however crass that may seem to be...

  • If you enjoy the money MORE than you dislike the discomfort then why not. It all comes down to what you're comfortable with. As long as you never go outside what is acceptable to you, then where's the harm?

    • well I found that what I'm comfortable with changed quite a lot since I started. I know my limits, but I just hope it's not a slippery slope

  • Damn sometimes I wish I was a woman.. If you can make that kind of money without having to lay on your back or take clothes off then stick with it!

    • I won't stick with it, just until I'm done with college

  • If you're ok with it and it's all 'safe' then I don't see any problem with it.

  • Eh, I don't really see it as bad. But, I might be too liberal for most people.


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  • It's not bad @ all. Please don't leave ur job. I don't see anything wrong with what you do.