Did they all talk shit about me?

So I met htis girl who I thought was my friend at this school. I ended up leaving the school. I was aware that the other kids looked down on me.

The next time I saw her, almost months/a year later she was like, 'You were telling one of MY friends that,' which I thought was super rude and childish.

I wonder if they talked shit about me after I was gone which brought her to awareness of the fact that they don't like me. Even when I was there, I remember me and her used to sit alone whereas everyone else would sit together as a class.

Guys, I really want to know. A lot of these people who wree my peers were guys


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  • Sorry but she is not your friend

    • That I understand completely. But I am more paranoid of my classmates and whether they may have talked shit about me.

    • Some of them de-friended me almost a week or two after I left.

      That's weird. It was a super intense type of environment too so I wouldn't be surprised if they're the type of people who won't show their emotions until they're sure they don't have to deal with the person