So should I tell the truth?

I was given a complex love poem that I couldn't figure out so I had someone help me.
So was happy and impressed it was able to help me, I want to tell her but I have insecurities of my intelligence, I was always made fun of because of my speech impediment, always getting put down though intelligence. Should I tell her that I had someone help me understand the poem?


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  • Yes you should. Don't stay silent. Always ask for help.

  • I don't think the truth would harm the situation.

    • But she put her feelings in it, I know it was meant for me and me to read. It highly in above college level, she on the academic decathlon when ever the hold ot, she excels in school. Just reading made me panic because it was written at such a level and heart. I feel like she would be insulted if I told about it.

    • How would you feel if you wrote a love letter and I guy ask another guy what he thought about it?

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  • Yes, you should tell the truth