Is it wrong that I see that love=money?

Like I find more pleasure in making money than being with another human being. And the thought of letting another person into my personal space/world makes me cringe. I seriously experience a feeling similar to "love" than when I was ever in a romantic relationship. So I accumulate more and more money and I assosciate money with love. What's your opinion on this?


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  • I think that mentality is very unhealthy to say the least. Money isn't going to wipe your ass for you when you become elderly and struggle to use your body. There are some beautiful, blissful things that simply cannot be attained through money. Money only achieves the illusion of these things but anything bought with money can be taken right out of your grasp.

    • The money can be used to pay someone to wipe my ass.

    • @Asker But will they wipe your ass with love or will they wipe it the same way they would wipe a public toilet? Money cannot buy you all things that are valuable, darling.

  • i feel sad for you.


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