Why do black people in the US talk different?

I'm not American but I've noticed that a lot of black americans talk differently than people of other races in the US. Why is this? Why don't they talk like everyone else? It seems very weird to me.


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  • Segregation left society very divided. Even still in the south in smaller towns the black people all live in one neighborhood and sit together at lunch.

  • It's a different dialect called Ebonics, it was passed down through the generations and just stuck due to segregation. Why should they talk like everyone else?

  • This is a silly question , Not all black Americans talk the same. Have you ever thought about it originated from slavery when the white man wanted black people to speak broken English. And over the years black people have overcame that mind set , A lot of it have to do with culture and the background a person is raised in. This not only applies for black people but any race.

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    • It's not a silly question at all. For a young person who's not from this country, she may not understand what it's like living in such a large country with so many different kinds of people. A lot of people probably have a hard time conceptualizing that a person who lives in Los Angeles and a person who lives in New York City are about as far apart as a person in London and a person in Athens, yet they live in the same country.

    • Why only black people talk differently , So are you saying all white people talk the same.