Girls, that are real on here and not guys?

This question is not one asked to be rude in any way, shape, or form.. I am just very courious about it.. anyways I have been to many web sites where you can talk to others, and a lot of guys will make an account.. just like anyone else.. but some of those guys instead of being who they are and clicking male.. they click on female.. just to get another guy to talk to them.. then will ask a bunch of stupid sex questions to get other guys to answer them or give their opinion's.

To me these guys that do that are nothing other then gay and they want any guy to answer them, as the guy answering the post does not know they are talking to another guy.. they think they are talking to a lady.. thes guys are the lowest of the lows to do this in my view.. and I have got traped by that on at least three different occcasions.. and I was appalled when I found this out as the gay BS always comes out of their mouths and I am not gay, not now.. not ever.. my question is to the real girls/women on here.. do you think that is done on this site


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  • Yeah, that's definitely done here. There are a few accounts that are known to be catfish female accounts who only post sexual questions to girls, though I guess that's less gay and more desperate. Happens to the guys too though so yeah, a lot of guys fall for that.

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