What do you think of pure black eyes the rarest eye colour (photo included)?

According to physics there no such thing as 100% black since black is the absence of colour, but these eyes are the closest to black you can get, in my opinion they have this mystery to them.
What do you think of pure black eyes the rarest eye colour(photo included)?


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  • I love how they look.
    I was also born with them but they faded out to a very dark brown over time. In the correct lightining they look black like in the picture you have posted.
    I wouldn't change them to any other colour (other eye colours are beautiful too, don't get me wrong).

    • I adore them mine goes from a near amber colour to black as those in the photo

    • Wow, this is a big difference. 😱
      But sounds cute. 😄

    • Thanks yeah

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  • I have a very rare visual disability called Aniridia that I was born with. It occurs in only 1 in 100,000 people. It makes you blind or almost completely blind already as a baby. In my case, I have a tiny bit of vision left on one eye but not much. Now, the reason I'm writing this is because the main characteristic of aniridia (apart from a couple of other things) is that people who have this disability don't have an iris. The iris is the part of your eye that functions like the lens in a camera. It controls how much light can come into the eye according to what you need in any given situation. The iris is also the part of your eye that actually gives you an eye color. Because I don't have an iris, my eyes look black. However, they're not actually black like in the photo of that girl, my eyes literally don't have a color. People often mistake me for having black eyes (which in some way, is true I guess) and tell me "wow, you're so rare, you have black eyes!" and they get kinda mindfucked when I tell them "uhm ACTUALLY I don't have any color at all" ;-).
    But to answer your question: my favorite eye color on other people is a deep, piercing blue. However, I guess black eyes can also look nice. I usually don't see the eye color unless I'm really, really close or unless it's very piercing, so I don't care too much about it ;-).

    • I teresting I had a look at images of people with aniridia they have like a halo around the pupils but there black is a different tint to that of those I described

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  • Maybe they are just a very dark brown that appear black, i think nothing of them they are still eyes to see.


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  • Black is the absence of light I think. Not color