Do you stay away from people who use shitty drugs?

I used to know these kinds of people. I got away from them. I no longer see them.


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  • Tbh, when I saw this question, I thought about people who actually take sleeping pills to go to sleep. As opposed to drugs that will actually help you get better and more restorative sleep.

    I mean, nah. I don't use drugs and I've never been anywhere close to drunk in my whole life, but, I like socializing. I spend a fair amount of time in the company of friends who DO drink, or who DO use recreational drugs. It's just... a thing, that happens. Because they're fun people to hang around.

    • I don't think people who use synthetic weed are fun to hang around. The synthetic shit they use are too harmful. They use it because they don't give a damn about how harmful it is. They know they won't live much by using that shit. They just don't give a damn about living. It is like they are waiting to die. And I am afraid of these kinds of people. The synthetic shit they use does a great damage to their bodies. I am not thinking anything fun about it. They smoke this very bad synthetic shit everyday.

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    • Well, I don't even go within a football field of normal weed, so, you can probably guess how I'd feel about "synthetic weed".

    • I wish they smoked real weed instead of synthetic weed. Synthetic weed drives them crazy. It's a terrible drug.

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  • I do stay away because I am just not into people who do things like that. Not my kind of friend.