Is it weird I love gearing up for snowboarding?

So here's the thing, I actually love love gearing up for snowboarding. Like I love the layers, I love being covered up head to toe, like I'm invincible. Is that a weird thing to have? I'm usually a pretty stylish girl, but this just feels awesome!!!


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  • I love gearing up for backpacking. Mountain Hardwear and Marmot are my two favorite gear companies. In fact I'm wearing MH stuff now

  • I don't think it's weird. More like awesome.

    • You won't say I'm awesome when I wear it to the grocery store just because lol

  • Try doing a few rails and jumps on your snowboard and see if your still feel invincible.

    Last time I did the half pipe, I was able to do a 180 turn and come back down, but the next turn had me coming down on my side... OUCH! lol

    • Ummm I'm not even at basic jumps yet lol, but I can get down the hill pretty smoothly, and I love it.

    • Some are into just riding fast while others just want to do the terrain park. Best advice for terrain park use is to not use and expensive board since riding the rails will wear it down. I'm already past the point of racing downhill, so I'm trying the terrain park instead.

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