He was engaged to another woman. Now I guess I'm the rebound?

I'm really falling for him, but he just dropped a bomb on me.
He told me he was engaged before! Which normally is fine, but they just recently ended it!! They only dated for a year, then he purposed. They were engaged for about 10 more months, and then she ended it because she lost feelings for him.
He says he really is starting to like me... BUT HE WAS GONNA MARRY THIS GIRL PEOPLE. They ended it in November. We're in February now. There's no way he could really be over her, right?
I asked him if all feelings were gone and he said of course he still cares for her, but he knows it'll never be again and that he's over it now. I told him I don't want to be a rebound and he's like "I can assure you, you're not a rebound".
Also, he still has her ring. That really bothers me. He still has her ring. He said the only reason he still has it is because he paid a lot of money for it, but when he finds someone else he'll trade it in for a better one.
What do you all think? I really like this guy, a lot. But I don't want to get too attached if I'm just a rebound!


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  • Rebound city. What kind of guy tells you "when he finds someone else he'll trade it in for a better one" ?

    • Well he's hinted it to me. He told me that if he's going to be with me, he intends to marry me in the long run

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