Any bikers out there?

Any bikers out there? What do you ride, or want if you dont have one yet?
Got a 82 Yamaha XJ1100 a while ago, but thanks to snow (yay Canada) I put less than 100 miles on it before it got parked for the winter.

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  • Use to ride a Harley Sportster years ago but if I was to get another bike I would like to get a Ducati

    • Nice. Love Harleys, little out of my price range though. Ducatis are nice too, they'd be a ton of fun.

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    • Yeah, made in America sure costs doesn't it?

    • Very true but I remember not all the parts were actually all made here

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  • Proud owner of a Kawasaki ZX thou H2
    I sold my 1998 Honda VFR800, 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 250cc, my collectible 1986 cbx250 and a Honda 125cc to make room for just one bike lol

    Love my pee wee's. I have one, it was a 50cc lol but recently just installed a 80cc kit for it. I haven't took it out for a ride yet, just waiting for a group day trip to the country side to do so


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  • I would like to have a CBR 1000R

  • Does a bicycle count? lol. I can make it look like a motorcycle, ha ha.

  • Bicycles are the best bikes, I want a bicycle but there's not much point getting one cause it will just get stolen straight away