Guys, My crush found out who I like?

Today during morning recess at school, one of my guy friends almost revealed my crush to him. It is a bit weird because my crush is dating and his girlfriend is one of my best friends. I was chasing that guy friend during recess and I gave up. Then my crush came up and he was asking me what is wrong. I told him nothing. I ran up to my PE class and wait until the bell rings. While PE I did not speak at all so he asked me what happened once again. Then, I told him my situation that my guy friend was trying to reveal my crush. I thought he would be okay but he started guessing my crush! I gave him several hints like he is in this PE class and his name has 2 vowels and so forth. I told him to guess before this class ends but then he didn't guess. After class during lunch, he found out. Then later, I found out he was eavesdropping my other guy friend (not the one that I chased during morning recess) and my friend's conversation about who I like. I am very nervous about tomorrow because I have him in two of my classes. What shall I do and shall I avoid talking to him?


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  • What... so you have 3 crushes, And one crush found out about another crush and now the other crush knows?
    Wait I just saw your 14 ok nothing just go about your day like usual

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