Who is the biggest flip flip flopper candidate?

  • Shillary
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  • Creepy Cruz
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  • Carson the knife man
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  • Koch favorite Rubio
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  • Jebber Chebberz
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  • Captain Orange Face
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What Girls Said 1

  • Wasn't Trump a democrat like 10 years ago? Then yesterday he was happy with second place but today he's throwing tantrums all over twitter. His opinion changes with the wind.

    • Lol yes. He and the Clintons were good ole pals. The funny thing is that Trump supporters hate Hillary and even after they see this video their minds do not change at all. It's really insane. And who really believes Trump is a bible thumper? He is totally not religious and has made fun of religious people in the past.

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    • Except for Trump and a handful of racists.

What Guys Said 1

  • Pre 2013 Hillary- "No to gay marriage!"
    Post 2013 Hillary- "Yay gay marriage since apparently it's popular among the public opinion but had absolutely nothing to do with me liking gay marriage!"

    • She is a huge flip flopper as well and loves to jump on the bandwagon for votes. I think Shillary might be a step below Orange man lol but she is a paid off wench.

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