What girl would be a smart funny shy guys type?

So if you were really smart, sometimes shy but is funny what kind of girl would you like?


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  • I'm not shy anymore, but used to be so shy I couldn't even answer the door. Mostly overcame that after university though, and became an outgoing type.

    Also not sure if I'm funny, I do make myself laugh a lot though (I talk to myself and then laugh at my own jokes, mostly impressed with myself).

    I'm not sure if I'm smart or not. Lots of people think I am, but I've probably fooled them into thinking I am smarter than I am.

    Anyway, back when I was really shy, I liked women who talk a whole lot non-stop, could even be about really stupid things, just yappity-yappity-yap. I like it (no joke) because I can just listen to her talk, focus on things like how her mouth moves, how her voice changes, what subjects seem to please her, upset her, the expressions on her eyes, etc. I usually don't hear all of what she is saying since I daydream halfway in the process, but I like that she thinks I'm paying attention and a good listener.

    Also liked women who are passionate about things, like art, music, dance -- these kinds of things. I like a girl who has something to practice every day, takes something seriously, so that I can applaud her and spectate and watch her train and see how it pays off.

    And last but not least, I liked women with that wear really, really sexy clothes, like a skirt with half of their lower butt hanging out. This was probably because, I'm not sure. I just liked looking at these things, they were very beautiful to me.

    • So I guess something like over-talkative artistic girl who dresses in an extremely revealing way.

    • Or like a song writer who talks too much about her music and other stuff wearing a bikini.

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  • I'm that guy, but not so shy as I was at your age. I liked smart girls who were a bit shy, very cute but who didn't know it. Now I'm married to a girl like that.

  • I'm probably that kind of guy. My crush is mature, deep thinker but also super crazy and obsessive and outgoing type. Lacks little bit on emotions but we're super close.

    • In short, she brings out my hidden personality which I don't show to many people. I love this kind of girls.

    • Also she never does "Hi/Hello/What's up?/How are you?" and other small talks. She engages me in talks; total nonsense chit-chats or deep talks but she makes me talk for long and I <3 it! I can talk for hours non-stop!
      So if a girl can do that... that's huge + point!

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