Valentine's Day for a guy?

Hey everyone! Looking to get some ideas for this Valentine's Day. My boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years and I'm never really sure as to what to do for a guy on Valentine's Day.. Usually I'd just spend the day with him but this year he made a comment about 'girls can do something for guys too'. I got us amazing seats at a new theater in town to see Deadpool but that's two days before Valentine's Day as well as two days after his birthday. Girls usually get the typical chocolates, flowers, dinner, etc. So I guess my question is: What do guys want to see happen for them?


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  • Well, the naughty me will say sex...

    But the gentleman me would say:
    -Relax (go get spa together)
    -Spend time (Walk, Talk, Movies, etc)
    -Eat (well, eat...)
    -Have fun walking around.

  • Bjs 🙂

  • Give him a blow job and he will love it.


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