How come I can see my ex girlfriend in my fb chatlist but were not friends anymore?

She blocked me for at least half a year. 4 days ago suddenly i saw her in my chatlist as online? thats only how i knew she deblocked me. today i saw it again? She did unblock me but what the hell? Can she see im online as well or what?


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  • Sometimes pics are still visible despite you blocking them, I can still see my ex's pic in my messages even tho he's blocked and says "Facebook user"

    • no not like that :p , she blocked me but unblocked me few days ago. I see her online in my fb list, wtf -_- she isn't even friends with me. I also dont know why she unblocked me

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    • I have no idea either, im not going to block her but its weird. Anyway i have no time for her, im busy with a different girl but that girl is a bit jealous sometimes, i dont mind but if i would show her my ex girlfriend she might become insecure, she is beautiful but i do still think the girl im writing with now looks better and has a way better personality :) thanks for your help

    • You're welcome. I hope you remain happy and away from drama she is pursuing. 😇✌

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