Should I move out already if my neighbors still won't forgive me?

They're still seem to hold me accountable for things I did as a kid (ages 9-12). I've grown out of that stage and whatever anger issues was in me, I don't have it anymore. I'll be turning 20 within two months from now.

I admit what I did was kind of taking it further than curiosity that kids gets and it was simply doing things for the heck of it because I felt like it, even if it was wrong (for instance cutting someone's couch with a knife).

Still it's like they won't leave this past behind. Should I relocate and make new friends?

I've tried to be nice on the recent social gathering and just when I talked about probably having a kid one day... from a distance I heard a couple of them saying how I shouldn't be a mother, and among other things. Dammit, I've changed already. I think that's enough.


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  • If you can, then by all means yes. Start a new life elsewhere. If your city is large enough, it could even be another part of town where no one knows you and you shop at different stores, etc.

    Two caveats:
    1. Do you have a larger plan? A better job, a better career, a better education, etc.
    2. Make sure the problems are not internal. There is a saying: "No matter where you go... there you are..."

  • You shouldn't let them control you and everyone pretty much has done things that they regret you shouldn't have to do things you don't want to do because they can't get over something years ago


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