What do you think about immigrants and migrants. Are they really bigger rapist/violent than westerns or not?

Im really interested in it. Are they more violent, aggresive and doing more sexual violence than western people/men or not? ( Im not talking about USA please. Only Europe). Answer me whatever you want, but be sober please.


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  • They spreaded like plaque and are definetely not bigger but the biggest rapist and violent. They act like the king of the west which I hate. Begging, screaming, asking for more... All disturbing and disgusting cases are always from them.

    With this imigration speed, few months later westerns will be in a minority in own countries. For some political reasons does it worth to sacrifice west by the governments and leaders? Or they dont care anything and like to sit in their warm and soft chairs unless they are raped by imigrants? ;)

    Without imigrants west would be better, safe and peacefull.

    • Its truth. I can't write more. This is not only in the news but in RL as well. F. I. I saw those violent ones on the Amsterdam's railway station... it was really incredible.. and not only men but woman as well... really its disgusting in the Christian country to hear attacks agains Christ, Bible and citizens as well.

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  • You can start by just taking Sweden for an example. Prior to Sweden allowing large scale Muslim immigration, it had relatively low rates of rape and sexual assault. But that has all changed in the years since they relaxed their immigration policies. Rapes and sexual assaults have gone through the roof, and their are Muslim immigrant enclaves where the police are hesitant to go into. There's been an uptick in rapes/sexual assaults with the recent migrant crisis, on top of the already high rate. Most of the migrants are coming from cultures that degrade and oppress women and girls, and in which -- in many cases -- women and girls are regarded as little more than property. And then you have the fact that women and girls in the West dress in ways that many of these migrants find very offensive to Islam. And since so many of these migrants are young men, they look upon these Western women and girls as nothing more than sexual prey who are "asking for it." European countries have been very naive in thinking that they can absorb the huge influx of these migrants from very different cultures without there being any repercussions and disastrous effects.

    • Thank you. They must realise one - they are commng here like people asking for help. There is no possibility that Western countries will accep everything. They should be grateful they are here. But they are doing opposite. ( personal experience). Ok.. lets say, Im extremely tollerant and respectfull.. Do the same on the Middle East. Do exactly same what they are doing. Result? Youy will be killed! Beheaded! Or very badly beaten. Respect between Christianity and Islam? I dont think so. The want to capture us!

  • Honestly, i think they aren't, i think they're just normal people, and the vast majority just want to live in peace, like most of the world, but unfortunately, we're all getting scared by them because of ISIS, and that's exactly what ISIS wants. but Islam as a religion is no different to Christianity, both say some pretty borderline stuff but we still need to accept them for that, since they're no different from us.

    • Im sorry. I must be opponent. I was leaving ( my company sent me) in Turkey 3 years. And I MUST say - Islam is tottaly different than Christianity. I heard lot of voices like your but all of them were beaten. No. Islam isn't same like christianity. The proof you can see in every news. Or you can go to the Middle East personally.

    • I know, but i've seen so many people say Islam is a religion of hate and violence, and that just doesn't make sense to me, there's a huge following, and a vast majority of them just want to live in peace, i don't see why people discriminate between them. i didn't mean to offend, i know there are many differences, but that doesn't mean people have to fight about it, in my opinion.

    • Thank you very much for your opinion. I can say, I can understand it. But its in collicion what's happening in Europe now. The fact is, that every nation has deviants. But if is said the most of them is normal, they should stop them. But they are not doing it.
      To the Europe is heading millions if Muslims. They are incisting in their belief. Im not taking it from them but Europe is Christian. Its not possible. If it will continue, war will start. Respect? OK But must be on both sides and it isn't.
      If you want any proof agains what I said = go to Turkey or any coutry of the Middle East and do the same what they are doing here. If you will survive, you will be extremely lucky. ( I was there 3 years, so I know what Im talking about.)

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