Did I do the right thing.. I think so?

I was driving down the highway one day and seen a dog that was trying to get to the other side of the road.. he was totally freeking out after getting about half way across the busy highway.. and he was very scared.. so I stopped my car on the side of the road and went to get the dog.. I got about 40 feet from him and a car with some teenagers came around the bend.. then swerved in my view on purpose to hit the dog.. and they killed it.. I went and got back in my car and followed these jerks to see where they lived.. and when I seen their house as they pulled in.. I left and they did not see me.

Later that same night I drove back near to their house and parked my car a ways away from their house then I walked over to his car.. took out a knife the slashed all his tires.. then I wrote a note.. Hey jerk the dog you killed did nothing to you but yet you hit it anyways.. he can not do nothing to you now but I can.. hope it cost you a lot to replace your tires as you and your friends are
idiot's.. did I do the right thing.. maybe not.. but I felt good for doing it.


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  • Not the right thing but I agree with what you did

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