Do you think any country would actually finally be brave enough to start a nuclear war?

I think its just all a scare tatctic to get other countries not to attack them kinda of how like the Cold War was.

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  • I think it's very unlikely in the near future HOWEVER that doesn't mean it's impossible. There's always a certain amount of risk we have to live with. Personally, I'm actually much more worried about large super powers and their nuclear arsenals (the US or Russia mostly) than about countries like North Korea. Also, many people have no idea how incredibly close we have been to a nuclear war already several times in the past. For example back in the early 80s, a computer at a Russian nuclear radar and observation station gave out a false alarm in the middle of the night. There was only one officer on duty because the boss had already gone to sleep. According to the officer, America had just launched several long-distance nuclear missiles that would hit Moscow and St. Petersburg in about 20-25 minutes. The officer knew the protocol: he had been trained to react to such an attack by immediately launch a nuclear counterstrike and contact the Kreml after that. He first tried to reach his boss by phone but his boss didn't pick up. Imagine being in that kinda situation. Imagine the pressure on your shoulder. Literally the whole world is counting on you not to do something wrong and you only get 1 or 2 minutes to think about the decision. While seeing the American missiles coming closer and closer, the officer finally decided to commit refusal to obey orders (which of course was a huge crime, especially in a political system such as the Soviet Union) and he chose to ignore the missiles because he believed it was a computer bug. After pushing the button to ignore the missiles rather than launch a counterstrike, the computer was quiet for about 2 minutes, only to let the sirens go off again and show American missiles now even closer to Russia. Most people would have believed it at this moment and finally launched a counterstrike. But in an act of great bravery, the officer decided for a second time that it must be a computer bug. It later turned out that indeed, it had been a computer bug and his boss told him that he himself would have immediately launched a nuclear counterstrike without even thinking about the possibility that it could only be a false alarm.
    That night, billions of people around the world were quietly sleeping in their beds or going about their daily business and they didn't even know how freaking lucky we all were just because of that one guy in a Soviet control station who decided against launching a counterstrike.

    • well yeah and plus besides America actually doing it in world war 2.

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  • I honestly believe that North Korea is one of the few countries actually stupid enough to use one as a first strike weapon, most countries would use basic warfare meaning air, armor, aquatic and infantry units and refrain from nuclear weapons. Because if they can capture the countries from their enemy then they can take their resources and land for themselves therefor expanding their own power base.

    If they use nuclear weapons they lose all of that in which they could gain now I believe that you should have nuclear weapons only for defense because having a good sized arsenal of them is a massive deterrent when it comes to attacking a country. But they should only be used in the event of a counter strike, and never used as a first strike weapon, they are a last resort weapon only.

    Now that being said there are two kinds of nuclear weapons, nuclear missiles and nuclear warheads, nuclear missiles are the ones that will devastate entire cities and nations, nuclear warheads are only powerful enough to destroy a small mountain now that is still very powerful but is contained and far less volatile and is more like a powerful missile strike then a full blown nuke.

  • Nuclear war isn't about bravery
    It's about which one is stupid enough.
    You see, people are worried about north korea but that wouldn't lead to any kind of world ending effects.
    My money would be on india and pakistan being the only nuclear armed powers who consistently engage in open conflict, along their border
    Nuclear weapons do not make peace. Nuclear weapons do not even make war. They make total destruction, annihilation, Armageddon. People make peace.

  • Maybe one of them might do it out of desperation of out of pure frustration, who knows? If those weapons are still operational and that they still exist then there will Always be a possibility. I would have to agree with what someone said early that starting a Nuclear war is anything BUT "Brave", but rather crazy, or sick. If some nation decides to use those weapons it will cause a domino effect and all hells break loose, and at that point if you actually make it when the nuclear exchange is all over, welcome to the apocalyptic wasteland. But I think most of us if not all of us are not going to make it if and when a Nuclear War ever does become our reality.

    I remember reading something about a a Doomsday Clock and that we are 3 minutes to midnight or something currently since January 2015 and it hasn't changed or lowered, but only time will tell. I think it is relevant to this so I'd thought I bring it up.

  • Its not not about bravery, if there were no human, infastructure, economic and moral instant eradication as a consenquence of a nuke war, it would have happened long time ago.

    It's truly madness for a government willing to sacrifice millions of people, their civilisation for this. In a nutshell nuclear weapon is a device so intelligently invented for something so stupid.

  • North Korea on that yolo shit

  • It think it's more likely to be an accident. There are several documented and undocumented cases where due to warning system glitches, we were on the brink of nuclear war and nobody knew about it.

  • Replace "brave" with "stupid" and I'll say yes.

    • you have to be pretty crazy to do something like that too though.

  • i think if some radical country like North Korea or ISIS gets some they probably would

  • I wouldn't call that being brave. More like scuicidal cray, wanting to see the world destryoed.