Creative gift ideas?

there's a guy i've been talking to for a few months and he recently decided to make and send me a CD, which had 2 albums on it; one of my choice, one he chose as a surprise for me.
i just recieved it and i absolutely love it, i want to send something back but i don't know what to send!
he loves music, which i would think it would be nice to send him a CD back, but everything i would think to send he most likely already has, so im trying to be creative.
what would be some good ideas for gifts to get him back?


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  • You can send him a t-shirt of his favorite music band, you can send him a dvd or bluray of his favorite movie. If you wanted to make something for him to send you can make him a card or bracelet to send him.

    • i really like the shirt idea, thank you!

    • Your very welcome. :) Thank you very much for selecting my answer as the most helpful opinion. I think he Will like the shirt.

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