Why did people seem more symphathetic with Victoria Lindsay than the girl that gotten beaten uncouscious on the school bus?

A long time ago the middle school girl got beaten uncouscious on the school bus in Florida over the seat. It was on YouTube and I saw mostly trolls and people saying she provoked it. I found few people who seemed a little symphathetic about the indencent. Victoria Lindsay (that the girl that got beaten up by 6 girls in Florida and videotaped) in case no one heard about that case yet. With that people seemed much more angry and symphethetic. People on YouTube was saying they wanted to kill the girls and how ugly they was and everything, but I didn't hear any anger or hatred toward the the kids that beatup the girl on the school bus. And Victoria Lindsay had the bunch of support pages on Facebook and MySpace but the girl who got beaten up on the bus had none support pages. They both got beaten up just as badly and got beaten by just as many kids. The only difference is no one videotaped it.


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  • YouTube is full of nutjobs like that who will take the side of the oppressor than the victim.

    It's one reason why I don't go there anymore. I tried to talk to them while being rational and even stating that I understood their POV yet disagreed.

    The ones that I encountered essentially were rabid fools who should have been put down.

    • LOL, true. I remember the video of the Chase Cristia case where the 16 year old girl was beaten up and video taped on the bus. People was bashing the victim saying why didn't she fight back and kids fight all the time. Yeah but do they post it on Facebook all the time? And she probably didn't fight back because she was afraid she'll get in trouble too. She seemed like the sweet girl. Nobody deserved that kind of treatment. I don't hear much on the bully herself which I find sad. Maybe Chase was a lady. I dealt Miss USA didn't behave like that.

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