Its MId Term Season - how many readings do you have to do?

I have 2 chapters to read in a academic book
1 novel to read (our professor makes us read a novel every 2 weeks)
I also have 2 short articles, 1 medium article and 2 other short articles to read
For my other course where the readings are OPTIONAL - I have 2-4 long articles to read

And I have 3 days to do it!!! I'm also celebrating new years for half the day going to parties for half of Friday / Saturday and Sunday


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  • New Years? A month late? I hate English classes that make you do arbitrary reading! I'm going back to school this year but EEWWWW mid term reading.

  • No readings. Done with school 💁

  • how do you have midterms in early february?

    • Well at my University, classes are usually 3 months long with a 2 week exam week but we also get a 1 week reading week so technically our winter session is 13 weeks long + 2 weeks for exam study and testing period.

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