Anyone from Miami?

Where my Miami people at? I just had a random thought y'all, I wonder about the weather there, does it ever get lower than 70 degrees there? Is there need of jackets there or y'all just use like hoodies or something since its tropical there, I'm from Texas so we get 90degree summers and in winter it can be as bad as 40 degrees, maybe for northerners that weather is nothing lol but jackets or coats don't really sell there, sorry random thought of the day for me 😂😂


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  • I've been there a few times, once in January and it was warm by my standards, coming from Canada though it was bound to feel hot to me. I saw people there bundled up though haha they can prob spot the tourists.

    • Goodness all this tourists 🙄🙄 😛

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    • Fries and honey? Wtf is that. Poutine is awesome, you can make that at home though. Throw some cheese on fries and put gravy on it and eat.

    • Riiiiight gravy never mind the honey 😄 I'll make it and tell you if I yay or nay it

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  • I don't live there but I've been there when it was meant to be winter and I was wearing shorts the whole time. Could've just been a spell of the two weeks I was there though.


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  • I just got back. One of the days it was like 66. Other wise it was over 70. I came back bronzed.


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