Did you ever meet a girl (or guy) who was so beautiful that years later you still remember them?

I don't mean friends or lovers or even classmates. I mean someone you saw maybe once for a moment or so, maybe even didn't speak to them, and were so awed that you remember it to this day.

There are a few for me; a girl in a pizza place in Idaho, a girl with amazing eyes that met mine in San Francisco, a girl on a train in Germany, etc.

I can't even remember the names or faces of everyone I've had sex with, but I still remember their faces..


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  • Ooh that's cute! I did have a moment like that once, where a guy came into my store with his parents for literally 1 minute and it was thunderous outside. I mean rain, wind, thunder & lightning. And he came in. He was so freaking hit and beautiful, to this day, he will always be in my mind. ;)


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