Does anyone know how to skip a note into someone's car?

We've been on and off for 9 months friends, dating friends dating friends dating and we both decided we need some space especially since we've been fighting a lot. The last time I'll see him is tmr and I wrote a letter to him just personal stuff between us and apologies for what I did wrong. He's driving us somewhere since we both have to go in the same area then we're splitting up. But I don't want to give it to him it'll be too awkward. I want him to read it when I leave I have to I slip it somewhere in his car where he won't see me do it? If I put it in his windshield I'm worried someone will either take it (it's a public parking lot) or the snow will get it all wet? Random question but anyone got any ideas? :P thanks



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  • You can put the note on the side of the door in the pocket thing. Does his car have that? If not, you can act like you dropped it as you get out. Lol

    Maybe just giving it to him before you get it and ask him to read it later.

    • Yeah I was thinking that. If me and him get out of his car at the same time when he's getting out I'll drop it in there. Haha I'm worried tho that if he doesn't find it in there for like a month or something that would be awkward or if his dad borrows his car or something or a friend of his finds it haha but I don't know :P sorry this question is so random. I'm just stressing out and getting all worked up because I won't see him in a while lol :'(

    • Oh, I get this situation. I don't find it random at all. If you would rather, you could get his address and mail it.

      I can see how embarrassing it might be if he doesn't find it or if someone else does! If he gets out of the car first, just toss it on the driver's seat. He will have to see it.

    • Lol I know his address I was with him for 9 months haha. But yeah I was just hoping to avoid a sappy moment and just have him see it once I leave. Besides he's actually going to work and I don't want to put that on him before he goes to work. He'll just be stressed all day. Thanks for your help :)

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  • I don't 😂

  • My advice is don't leave a note. I have some experience with this and it never works out as you imagine. Best to just be forward and honest with the person in person.


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