Does anyone want to make a plant request?

So, I've been in charge of the school greenhouse for a while now. There are loads of cacti, succulents and carnivorous plants in there already, among a few other things. At the moment, I'm using about half to two thirds of the available space, and I was wondering if any of you has any ideas or requests for things for me to grow in there! :D

Things I had in mind (if anyone has experience with these, some info would be much appreciated!) :
~Air plants
~Lipstick plant
~Dancing tree/Telegraph plant
~Coral vine
~Orchids (already grow a few at home)

Thanks for any help/suggestions :)

Any other ideas?


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  • What about like zinnias or something? They're both pretty and edible.

    • They're nice, but they seem too... normal. I'm looking for exotic looking plants for my greenhouse :P
      Also, they look like they should be outdoors. I don't know, I'm not an expert.
      I'll keep them in mind though :)

    • It's not going to be as cool as a zinnia grown in space, but I still think they're cool. I would look into edible flowers, personally.

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  • Try some experimenting. Like tree grafting, cuttings, etc. it's a lot of fun. as for non woody plants i always wanted to try growing bird of paradise.

    • I think I might have one in there already? I'm not 100% sure, as if there is one in there, it's not flowering at the moment. Got to bare in mind I inherited the greenhouse with a good collection in there already. :)
      Tree grafting sounds fun, but quite high risk. I don't think I can trust myself to do that and succeed :/

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