Is it a bad thing?

Honestly I am super into "bad" guys not so bad that they would treat me badly but I've sorta always hoped for a guy that was "bad" but would be good just for me. I don't like a lot of people because of my preferences I just don't feel sparks with many people. I have also always wanted a crazy romance one where we love each other so much that we hate each other. lol that sounded weird. Is this unrealistic expectations and are my preferences wrong?

  • Yes very wrong and unrealistic
  • No it's okay to have that opinion
  • I don't know
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  • Nah thats fine. I have always liked competitive women. It shows that they have a spark about life in a way that others do not.

    • I'm am very competitive lol that's a good way to put it!;)

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    • Lol no it does not, but i am in a dry spell R. I. P my sex drive. Yeah i think i may be holding out till i travel or meet a good chick...

    • Good idea:)

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  • You're just another of those incredibly naive early 20s girls. I don't know why three quarters of the female population at this age is so naive and gullible. Women always say they're so much more mature than guys but then it takes them 35 years to find out that this kind of movie romance doesn't work in reality.
    Of course you can want and believe whatever you want but I personally find it very silly. I can clearly see it coming... you wanna find that cool bad boy guy, then you get one or two or three of them, you find them cool for 2 weeks, then they screw you over and you end up coming on GaG like those other girls crying about how mean all men are and asking why men do this to you. Then you do this for another 15 years, while constantly getting disappointed and frustrated and complaining to your girlfriends what a bunch of assholes men are until one magic day shortly before your midlife crisis you suddenly realize "oh wait, maybe I should actually start dating men who treat me right, maybe that'll solve the problem".

    • Your probably right lol! I definitely do not want someone to treat me wrong I just want a bit more fun and spark in the relationship!

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    • @redeyemindtricks Alright. I'm an inquisitive person, that's why I tried to understand.

    • @redeyemindtricks I understand exactly what you described and that's what I want. I want someone with layers that might not have had the best past. "Bad boys" tend to be more deep and I feel like I can connect with them on a deeper level. They ! might not always be perfect and that's there charm!

  • Well, you can demand whatever you want.

    I'm kind of a bantering dick sometimes, but always with good intentions. Most girls can't handle it, even though it's rare and innocent. I've wondered if there was a type of girl capable of returning the volley, and maybe your type is it.

    • Yah I like "fighting" sort of lol I don't know how to put it without sounding like a total idiot but I like when guys piss me off and then we make up and it's like better than any other time your with them. Lol I don't know what I'm taking about

  • No it's ok

    • Okay at least I know I'm not crazy haha

  • Ehh just be prepared for heartbreak

  • It's normal. Most women are the same.

    It's likely to make you miserable. You want the self esteem rush of a bad guy loving you so much he turns good. That's how romance novels work.

    It's the female equivalent of guys who want an innocent virgin who somehow is so attracted to them that she's doing ass-to-mouth and cumming from it on their wedding night.

    Most bad guys are just bad.


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  • LOL, yeah, yr so weird.

    So weird that you've just described the essential plot elements of EVERY ROMANCE NOVEL, EVER.
    Like, literally every single one.
    Gentleman rogue? Check.
    Fiery independent woman? Check.
    Conflict-cum-sexual tension? Check.

    Yep, you must be the only female who's ever dreamed up something like this...


    • Hahah what brought you back to this thread after 4 months? <3

    • I just was scrolling through my old questions and saw thus and decided to reply

    • a little bird says I shd get mh (: lmao (I don't know if you can even still give it after this long)

  • it's ok to want that but it's very unlikely to find that unfortunately. I think a lot of girls actually want that but in time you kind of outgrow it usually I think. If you don't well then you might run into trouble later, always chasing bad guys thinking each one will be different.

    • True thanks for your help!

  • It is okay for a fantasy but I'm reality a guy will probably not be good only for you. He is either a good guy or he isn't. Also that second part sounds very unhealthy. There is always time for the bedroom role play though.

  • interesting results.

    not wrong, but definitely dysfunctional

    • Yah that's how I roll though

  • they do exist in many mangas, novels and fanfictions but its unrealistic. learn tobbe realistic or get your heartbroken

    • Eh. One size doesn't fit all, here.

      It's like some financial investors go for higher-risk, higher-return investments?
      Greater chance of losing it all, but, greater chance of striking it rich, too.
      Other investors cover their asses and go for the slow growth.

      Some women are just higher-risk, higher-return "love investors".
      For those women -- myself included -- this is bad advice.

      I actually bet my heart and won the jackpot. But, even if I'd lost that bet, I'd take a broken heart over a boring, stultifying, "stable" marriage any day.
      Any day. Gimme the broken heart.