What was your most recent dream?

Last night I dreamt about a girl with white and black hair wearing a beautiful black dress, and she is someone I know, and she comes up to me in the street and gives me this passionate kiss. When I woke up I giggled like crazy!

What are the crazy things you've been dreaming about, Gagers?


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  • I don't dream/remember my dreams anymore
    the last one I had, were 11 or so years ago.

    It did change my entire view on life though.

    • the epic dream?

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    • ah I see

      thanks :D will follow her and she will think of me as a creepy stalker


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  • I would go and punch out the most hated by me.. government official.. a lot just do not care about anybody or anything.. only how many perks do they get with their cushy job.. their fat pensions after only four months on the job and how much money can I make while I am in office.. So I would not care to much if I punched one out.. take care

    • Wow after I thought up a reply to the post.. typed it then clicked send.. I realized I had some how moved to another post.. so this post above may not make much sense,, but it would be a good dream to have as well.. silly me.. bye now

  • Most of my dreams involve me as Liam Neeson, or Bruce Willis in Die Hard.


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  • I was walking down the street and this guy introduces me to his friend. His friend scares me as there is something off about his appearance and manner but I keep my cool and shake his hand. I think to myself 'oh, he's not so bad after all!' and the next thing I know he strangles me. I was so freakin' scared when I woke up.

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