Is there anybody else who considers it a heavy insult if he/she gets called a "troll"?

Personally I just can't accept it not even as a joke... I mean I'd take it more lightly if someone wished me to die... than be called a "troll"... for some reason I consider it a very heavy insult and I've blocked many users who said stuff like "Are u trolling dude?"...

Another reason why I like pre-internet era... back then "troll" was only a mythological creature... but now... dat fucking word's almost EVERYWHERE in millions of memes and such shit...

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If someone says I'm trolling then he/she'll be blocked and there are NO excuses about it... I was clear I think...


Most Helpful Girl

  • Back then people just called trolls assholes, now everyone's a troll. Haha people take it too far. Sometimes it's just a blunt and honest opinion and the person isn't trolling.

    • Exactly ma point... in our days it's often misused...

      And by the way yer very pretty... :)

    • Thanks for MHG

Most Helpful Guy

  • Troll is not an insult you fucking retard... what i called you actually was

    • If not an insult... then wot? A compliment?

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    • *word

    • Maybe, but then again it isn't an insult SO GET OVER IT

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What Girls Said 4

  • Guess they couldn't say anything else other than just that. They didn't get you?

  • If your not trolling why are you anon. Prove it by going unanon.

  • Lol no I actually confess to being a bit of a troll from time to time hehe

  • Well people do miss use it, but I call it like I see it. If they are a trolling then they will be called it! but you're good


What Guys Said 2

  • You're absurdly feigning over-sensitivity to the word "troll", when you're clearly the king of all trolls! I vomit on the memory of your ancestors!!!

  • You sound like you are trolling right now OP. Stop crying noob. But if you are actually serious, do you even know these people in real life? Then why care.

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